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In a bid to save money the NHS are stopping the printing of paper prescriptions. All prescriptions will be sent electronically to your nominated Pharmacy. If you do not have a nominated pharmacy the Doctor will give you a printed token with a barcode on it for you to take to a pharmacy of your choice for your medication to be issued.

If you would like to have a nominated pharmacy please speak to your preferred pharmacy who will sign you up for this.

From the 31st of March 2020, Aspley Medical Centre will implement these changes. Any paper prescriptions already issued will remain valid.


Have your repeat prescriptions delivered to Pharmacy of your choice
To register for this service, known as electronic prescribing, you will need to contact your usual Pharmacy and sign up. Once the you have done this, your Pharmacy details will appear on our system. The process is still the same and repeat prescriptions will still take 48 hours to process, but it means that a repeat prescription should never get lost as can always be traced.

The advantages for you could be that you do not need to take time away from doing what you are doing in order to visit the surgery, unless you need to be seen by a member of the surgery team as you can order prescriptions 24 hours a day online, and then have it sent directly to your chosen Pharmacy which could be located nearer to your home or work to make it a lot more convenient for you.

This should prove more beneficial for people who work etc.

Please note that this service is for repeat prescriptions only.